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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Episode 12: Final Fantasy XIV Part One—From the Eyes of Noobs

Episode 12: Final Fantasy XIV Part One—From the Eyes of Noobs

Platform: PC/PlayStation 3
Release Date: August 27, 2013
Difficulty: Moderate
Current Amazon Price (PS3): $28.48
Current Amazon Price (PC Download): $14.99

Lightning's Review

Lightning’s character is pretty in pink! (If you squint closely, you’ll see that Alyssa is a level 24 conjurer, which means that we’ve, uh, been doing quite a bit of work on this game since recording the episode).

Part II coming up when we finish the main storyline, and hopefully we can also provide a PS4 review then. Until that time:

Things We as Noobs Have Learned About Playing an MMO:
  • Everybody Poops. But don’t tell that to your party when you’re in a dungeon! (This was some tank, not us.)
  • You can level up for weeks without actually getting anywhere in the storyline. Hey, it happened to us!
  • “Black Market Crafting Rings” are not only kind of fun, but they also save tons of money.
  • MMO elitism regarding pixelated characters in a fictional world. We thought this was supposed to be…fun? And not a job?
  • All Tanks and all Healers are either incompetent or are actually trolls. According to Free Company chat and internet message boards, anyway.
  • Lots of people like to run around in their underpants. 
 Terra's character has no pants. But everyone knows that leather speedoes make awesome armor!
Lightning’s impression: Having stayed away from MMO’s until now, I am nevertheless impressed with Final Fantasy XIV. The graphics are spectacular, the music is immersive, and the gameplay addicting, whether you’re putting a gil turtle to sleep in a guildhest or chopping down logs in the forest. If you’re interested in MMO’s but haven’t played one, this would be a good one to start with, especially if you’re already familiar with the Final Fantasy series. The game is also good for lone wolves – you have to mandatorily party up in dungeons, but you can find help (be it good or bad) using a Duty Finder. It might have helped that we partied up, but we got into Satasha dungeon and found two other players almost immediately! 

Despite naysayers regarding the PS3, I’d say go with whatever platform you’re comfortable with. I’m more of a console gamer, so I was right at home using a controller. I also have a clip on keypad and a full blown keyboard to plug into my USB port if I’m feeling chatty, but for the most part I’m happy with sprawling on the couch and playing on the big screen. The PC graphics are very pretty, though, and I would recommend the PC if you need better targeting precision or are doing something complicated like running a Free Company.

Music Credits:
RPG Roundup Theme Song: "Video Game Theme," J. Arthur Keenes Band. Creative Commons Attribution License.
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