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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Episode 19: Final Fantasy XIV Part Two—Life After Level 15

Episode 19: Final Fantasy XIV Part Two—Life After Level 15
Platform: PC, Playstation 3/4
Release Date: August 27, 2013
Difficulty: Moderate
Current Amazon Price: PC download $24.99, PS3 $19.99, PS4 $31.38


Terra’s Review:

Here be trolls. WWE trolls.

  • At last we can travel freely from one city-state to another! This was especially exciting to me because it opened up whole new areas of the world map to mine in. Seriously, I really love mining.
  • We also got mounts, starting with a chocobo. Other mounts become available as rewards for being subscribed for a certain amount of time or as rewards for playing a certain class—Conjurers can get a unicorn.
  • The storyline after the three introductory dungeons gets a little repetitive in how it’s structured: Go to the good guy’s home base. Get your mission. Be sent all over the place to solve people’s minor problems before getting to resolve your mission and run the dungeon that comes with it. From reading spoilers, it seems like that will change after the upcoming boss fight with Titan. I hope it does.
  • We’re in a weird position: We each have level 50 characters and are able to do some of the open world end game stuff, like Hunts, but are still only about halfway through the storyline. So, sorry to anyone who got stuck with two level 50s who had no clue what to do in some of the lower level story dungeons!
  • Related: Just being level 50 means nothing. All it means is that someone has managed to gather a lot of experience points. So noobs, remember that if someone gives you crap. And level 50s who do give people crap, try leveling up your social skills.
  • Crafting is almost as fun as mining. We both probably spend way more time crafting or gathering than we do progressing the storyline or running dungeons. (Okay, fine, some days I spend 100% of my time mining.) Taking the time to craft and gather adds to the game’s content and is one of the reasons why we’re taking out time getting through the story. Also, crafting and gathering can make you some very nice money!
  • Half the fun is the virtual people watching! Who is shouting at who in Limsa today? Who’s decided to run around in their underpants? Who decided to name their character Princess Fluffybutt? At least 24 people on different servers, that’s who.\
  • Yeah, we're still totally obsessed with this game. 
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