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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Episode 16: Tales of Xillia Part Two – Bazonga Bonanza!

Episode 16: Tales of Xillia Part Two – Bazonga Bonanza!
Platform: PS3
Release Date:   
     Japan: Sept 8, 2011. 
     North America: Aug 6, 2013. 
     Europe & Australia Aug 9, 2013.
Difficulty: Easy
Pricing: $27.46 on Amazon, $39.99 to download from PSN

Terra’s Review
Who’s high on cocaine? This guy!

The Good

  • The storyline was complex and well plotted without being confusing. Even with side events such as quests and character skits, the game’s pacing never felt bogged down or like a grind. Characters’ actions and personalities helped to drive the plot, rather than the plot forcing character actions. The final boss made sense with what had come before in the game and was set up as an antagonist, but not a mustache twirling villain, which was refreshing.
  • Character development. So much character development. While the game largely focuses on Jude and Millia, each party member has sections of the storyline devoted to them as well as optional subevents and skits that shed more light on their backgrounds and futures. With only six party members, the game was really able to focus and make sure that they all had a role to play in the plot.
  • Costume changes. Tired of seeing Jude in the same outfit over and over again? Wanting revenge on a certain character because he keeps backstabbing the party? You can do something about that! Completing certain quests in the game will result in full costumes or costume accessories (such as hats, sunglasses, and a snot bubble that constantly hangs from the character’s nose). For a few dollars, you can also buy new costumes for the characters as DLC. These range from themed outfits such “beach” and “school” to outfits based on the costumes of prior Tales games characters. Some of them also come with different battle music.

The Bad

  • Even with setting the game on the highest difficulty level, the fights were still a little too easy (except for certain boss fights, where the difficulty level spiked dramatically). Xillia could have relabeled Hard mode Moderate and taken the difficulty up a notch for Hard.
  • The battle system involved too damn many buttons. It’s like the developers sat around examining the PS3 controller and trying to figure out how many of its buttons they could use and how many combinations they could come with. There were features we never used because it was too much to remember in the heat of battle.
  • The downside to DLC: If you have some extra money lying around in your bank account, you can buy increased levels and gald through the PSN store. Correction—If you have extra money and no shame. Spend your money on costumes instead. Earn your levels and money like the rest of us.

The Ugly

  • The biggest downside to DLC: Rowen in his bathing suit.

Just gonna let that picture speak for itself.

The lowdown:  I love this game and it has easily made its way onto my list of favorites. Everyone should play it and I can’t wait for Xilia-2.

Music Credits:
RPG Roundup Theme Song: "Video Game Theme," J. Arthur Keenes Band. Creative Commons Attribution License.
Tales of Xillia OST

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