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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Episode 21: Final Fantasy VI Part One–Welcome to Our BBQ!

Episode 21: Final Fantasy VI Part One–Welcome to Our BBQ!

Lightning's Tips for Playing the First Half of Final Fantasy 6 

…This bastard never goes away.

  • Never depend on Shadow. He might leave you after one battle and 3000 GP.
  • Always get to the clocks in town! You might get an elixir. 
  • Use of Edgar’s Tools is mandatory (and yes, that sounds dirty).
  • Get thee to the Veldt when you can so Gau can learn his useful Rage abilities.
  • Get your ass to the auction house in Jidoor, where you can bid for some valuable magicite. (We forgot to do this.)
  • Cower down before Ultros, the Lord of the Octopi! Or at least cower at his corny dialogue.
  • You MUST enjoy the opera scene. No exceptions. Don’t screw up the lines!
  • Never doubt General Leo’s integrity. And always question Kefka’s.
  • Make sure to buy lots of potions, tinctures, and “fenix downs.” Even if you’ve played this a million times.  It is, after all, shameful to have your ass handed to you by a cat lady in Zozo.

Cat ladies are the most dangerous of enemies.

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  1. Final Fantasy VI blew my mind as a kid when I played it the first time. I remember getting to the floating continent thinking that it was the final dungeon, and then watching with increasing surprise as I had to run from Kefka, the whole world exploded, I failed to catch any good fish, and Celes hurled herself into the sea, convinced she was the only human left alive. I thought I must have done something really wrong and it was an extended game over sequence, like an interactive version of Chrono Trigger's "But...the future refused to change."

    When it turned out that the game was only half over and I had to save the world from Kefka's tyranny, I was definitely motivated. Though in hindsight I can see that the game loses a lot of steam by forcing you to recollect all your party members, that reveal that the game was twice as long as I thought will always stick in my memory.