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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Episode 22: Pokémon X-Y—Pokémon Noobs

Episode 22: Pokémon X-Y—Pokémon Noobs

Pokémon X-Y

Platform:  Nintendo 3DS

Worldwide Release Date: 10/12/13

Difficulty: Easy

Current Amazon Price: $39.16

Lightning's Review

100 hours? Must have left the DS on for too long. 

The Good

  • The completionist in you should come out here!  Lots of Pokémon to catch, and even more for you to do regarding battles and storyline after the end of the game. This game should keep you very, very busy if you want it to.
  • Bright, endearing visuals that are apparently a step up from previous installments. The cartoony style of the game fits it well, and I thought the full 3D perspective showed a lot of what the 3DS has to offer.
  • Your stomping grounds, the Kalos Region, is inspired by France and does a good job of portraying that – cities are littered with cafes, clothes boutiques sell you various outfits, and you can even give your Furfou (a poodle-like Pokémon) special haircuts to alter its appearance. It might not be for everybody, but Fake France was a lot of fun for me. 

The Bad

  • Despite all the content, I found myself suffering from tedium after awhile. All the towns and gyms started to blur together, and I even got sick of catching Pokémon! When I hit that point, I started speeding up to finish the game.
  • This game is very light on story - so if you’re looking for one, don’t come here. Actually, I think the lack of story is what made things tedious for me towards the end of the game. 

The Ugly

  • Some of the Pokémon, unfortunately. Mr. Mime will give me nightmares.
  • Those damn minigames. Berry Picker! And Tap It! The music is STILL stuck in my head.

…I’ll admit, the Skiddo Ranch made me squee a little. 

The Lowdown: 
A decent game, though I have some reservations due to getting bored. RPG goers who are all about the story should look elsewhere, though if you are a completionist you’ll find that this game won’t disappoint. Given that there are tons of Pokémon to catch and a solid endgame, you could find yourself putting plenty of hours in for what you paid.  
Music Credits:
Pokemon X/Y OST
RPG Roundup Theme Song: "Video Game Theme," J. Arthur Keenes Band. Creative Commons Attribution License.  

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