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Friday, May 29, 2015

Episode 24: Dragon Age: Inquisition Part One—Drunken Age

Episode 24: Dragon Age: Inquisition Part One—Drunken Age

Platform: PC, Playstation 3/4, Xbox 360/One
Release Date:  NA & RU: 11/18/2014. AUS 11/20/2014. EU & ZA 11/21/2014, JP 11/27/2014.
Difficulty: Easy—even after upping the difficulty
Pricing: $37-$59.99, depending on platform

The Inquisitor, Adriana Trevelyan aka Molly Ringwald

Things Terra Loves About Dragon Age Inquisition In No Particular Order

  • So many callbacks to Origins and DA2! Hello past party members! Hello minor character from Oirigins, good to see that being a dwarf who went to study magic worked out for you! Hi Redcliffe! GOOD TO SEE YOU DARKSPAWN. …okay maybe not that last one.
  • You can now play as a Qunari!
  • Related: The Iron Bull
  • Related: Krem
  • Mages rule Templars drool.
  • Welcome to Orlais, home of fancy parties, creepy masks, and backstabbing assassins!
  • Politics and gathering political influence plays a huge role, even larger than it did in the first two games. You get a WAR TABLE and a WAR COUNCIL and are basically kind of building your own little kingdom and army in the mountains.
  • Cassandra.
  • The return of Varrick and Cassandra’s comedy duo.
  • Cullen.
  • The way our Inquisitor stares at Cullen’s ass after they make out.
  • The Inquisitor and Josephine: BFFs
  • Improving and redecorating Skyhold. Will it have an impact on the end of the game? No idea. Is it worth it anyway? Heck Yeah!
  • Learning more about Tevintor, home of the creepy slave keeping blood mages!
  • Related: Dorian, demonstrating that not everyone from Trevintor is a creepy slave keeping blood mage.
  • Miles and miles of areas to explore. Bioware was listening to those DA2 complaints.
  • Goat attack!


I wasn’t kidding about the Inquisitor staring at his ass!

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RPG Roundup Theme Song: "Video Game Theme," J. Arthur Keenes Band. Creative Commons Attribution License.  
Dragon Age: Inquisition OST 

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