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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Episode 25: Final Fantasy VI: Part II – Atma Ponders on the Toilet

Episode 25: Final Fantasy VI: Part II—Atma Ponders on the Toilet
Platform: SNES, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, Wii/Wii U, and Android and iOS.
Release Date: 
Japan: 4/2/1994
NA: 10/11/1994 (As Final Fantasy III)
Difficulty: Moderate
Pricing: Play Store: $7.99 (during 50% off sale), Wii: 800 Wii Points/$8

Terra’s Review

Kefka’s Tower: At least there’s a place to take a shit!

The Good

  • I don’t even know where to start with the good, I love this game so much.
  • The sense of scale. The world is large, the story is epic. The places in the storyline that require you to split up the party to deal with simultaneous enemies adds to the feeling that you’re dealing with a threat that is truly world spanning. It also gives you a reason to care about leveling up and using all of your characters instead of letting all but your favorite four fall by the wayside. You’re going to need almost all of your characters by the time you get to Kefka’s tower!
  • Speaking of…Kefka is one of my favorite villains. No sob story, no angst and whining, just pure joy of destruction and making people’s lives hell.
  • You fight a train. And an octopus. And mini bosses named after the Three Stooges. For a game that’s dealing in some very heavy subjects—Terra and Celes have basically been raised to be weapons, the deaths of almost everyone in Doma, the Empire’s experiments on Espers, and THE END OF THE WORLD—FF6 doesn’t lose its sense of humor or sense of the absurd.
  • There’s a strong emphasis on character development and giving each character a time in the spotlight and a backstory. The only ones that don’t get some focus are the optional secret characters. The second half of the game is especially focused on backstory and character motivations. With the world basically destroyed and Kefka in charge, what motivates these characters to keep fighting?
  • The Opera House sequence.

The Bad

  • Even though I was just praising the character development, there are some things I wish the game had done differently. Relm and Strago showed up too late in the game to have much of an impact. I also would have liked to see more of the characters interacting with each other. Imagine the conversations Terra and Celes could have had!
  • The battle menus could be unwieldly, especially once you’re further along in the game and have accumulated more spells and items. Scrolling through those, trying to find what you want can take valuable time, especially if you’re using the Active Battle System.
  • PlayStation only: The long load times.
The Ugly


[No comment.]

The lowdown:  I love this game and everyone should play it!

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  1. great episode! FFVI holds up really well I think, but one thing that gets lost when you play it now versus when it first came out is the incredible amount of rumors that were going around about stuff you could and couldn't do in the game. the internet was just a wild west of nonsense and hearsay (I guess it still is), and FFVI was already packed with tons of secrets and fun stuff, so there was just a constant gossip of stuff, such as:

    -you can get a potion from jidoor or vector and pour it on general leo's grave and he joins the party
    -you can receive a sword called the "gamma blade" by flying around kefka's tower for hours
    -you can get Kappa as a party member
    -you can unlock Gogo's true form and see what he/she actually looks like and it's Rachel/Sigfried/Darryl/Bannon/Baram
    -that there are hidden espers representing every summon from FFII/IV that aren't already in the game
    -various other schemes involving fighting an enemy 4000 times

    and we tried all this garbage because we were 12 and because there was crap like the cursed shield, which actually did turn into something if you used it 255 times!